Computer Lab

Computer Lab

North Shoreview Montessori classes use a variety of educational websites to enhance classroom learning. Many of these websites can be used by students at home, too. We invite NSM families to talk with their children about the websites they use at school and to explore these websites together. Please note that Internet use at school is a supervised activity. Kids: ask your parent or guardian before exploring websites outside of school!

A.     Internet Favorites

  1. Enchanted Learning
  2. Starfall
  4. Internet 4 Classrooms
  5. Dr. Genius
  6. iCivics
  7. Mr. Nussbaum's Explorations
  8. Math Games
  9. Math drills K-8
  11. Math Game Time
  12. Interactive games from Weebly
  13. Hooda Math
  14. Math Playground

B.     Research Starters

  1. NSM Library Catalog
  2. Peninsula Library System Catalog and homework help
  3. Library of Congress Kids and Families
  4. Pictures/Graphics for Research Projects

C.     Educational Games

          Typing  Practice

  1. Free Rice
  2. PBS Kids (K-5)
  3. PBS (grades 4+)
  4. BBC Typing (K-4)
  5. Learning Games for Kids (typing, grades 1-3) 
  6. Free Typing Game (grades 3+)
  7. Typing Club
  8. Big Brown Bear Typing
  9. Ducksters Educational Skills
  10. ABCYA Games
  11. Turtle Diary Educational Games

D.      Health and Wellness

  1. Healthy eating
  2. Nourishment Interactive
  3. CDC Game Room for Nutrition
  4. Choose My Plate

 E.       Science Excursions

  1. Engaging Science
  2. Animal Diversity Web
  3. National Geographic Kids
  4. NASA Earth Science Enterprise
  5. Science News
  6. Planetpals
  7. Science and Math interactive
  8. Play Science Games
  9. Science kids interactive